Building Communities that Matter


Building Communities that Matter is what we do.

We support, strengthen and scale up Human Capital potential in companies that are owned - or will be owned - by Private Equity firms. That’s our sphere of activity. We do this because we believe strongly that, anywhere you are, it is people that always make the difference. As individuals and even more so as a group. That’s why we Build Communities that Matter.


We partner with mid-market Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies. This is because our energy and passion comes from companies whose founder or second-generation leadership has teamed up with investors to bring the company to the next level. We like the dynamics that external investors introduce - the pure spirit and the desire to grow.

We like the type of leaders these companies have and, especially, the impact they can make on society at large. This is the fire that drives us forward.


Our contracts are long-term, sometimes as long as the entire investment period. We do not work on a ‘fee per hour or activity’ basis. We choose instead to participate in risks and potential upsides. To have skin in the game.

We deliver a full range of Human Capital Services to portfolio companies - from Human Capital Due Diligence to Exit. All based on proven methodologies and tools.


We bring more than 40 years of experience in unlocking the Human Capital potential within companies. We have done this from awide array of roles and responsibilities, such as being business founders, entrepreneurs, managers, HR professionals and consultants. We’ve been there. And we’ve seen it bear fruit in abundance.

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